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Lexical Grammar Unicorns

Alex Walls

Alex Walls

Alex Walls is the Director of Studies at Windsor English Language School and has been teaching English since 2012. He holds CELTA (including the YL extension) and Delta. Alex has previously presented at conferences in Moscow and online and will be presenting at IATEFL 2021 as the recipient of the LAM SIG scholarship.

About this webinar

According to mythology, unicorns are incredibly difficult animals to capture. As a teacher and academic manager, I have noticed that with some grammar points, effective teaching methods that get students using this grammar can be equally elusive. In this (hopefully) three-part series, we will look at different aspects of grammar, where course materials might be found wanting, and how a lexical approach can be applied to these tricky areas. To start we will take apart the passive voice.


Articles January 12 at 2 pm (GTM+3)

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