TTT English Exams Track

It's a guided SELF PREPARATION programme for teachers who are ready to sit the exam in 7 months.

Course starts in October 2020:

Tuesday 9 a.m (CPE)
Thursday 9 a.m (CPE)
Thursday 7 p.m (CPE)
Friday 9 a.m. (CAE)
Friday 11 a.m. (CAE)
Saturday 10 a.m. (CAE)
Sunday 12 p.m. (CPE)

Moscow time (GTM+3)

Teachers Teach Teachers

Is a self-study programme for English teachers who are ready to teach and learn from each other. The idea is very simple: TTT participants work in groups following one textbook and set off on a journey across the vast lexical fields of the English language. Every month a participant from the group becomes this group's teacher, picking up from where the colleague stopped.

Teachers love seminars, webinars and conferences. The truth is, though, that real professional development happens in your classroom. And there's nobody to help you there and tell you how you did. We're bringing CPD to your classroom. At TTT you'll be teaching other teachers and they will gladly provide you with some feedback. It's also gives you a chance to have a look at what other teachers do in their classrooms. You'll experience different teaching styles and as student and this will help

We also have webinars, speaking clubs, special interest groups and even Pilates on top of that!
We know, it's not something you do every day, so we'll try to show what we do and have for you on this website. Read carefully :)

Watch this video to get to know us better

Anita Modestova and Natalia Ladygina are introducing the new Exams Track

TTT Exams Live Q&A

If you still have doubts whether to join the renewed Exams Track, watch our live meet-up.
What to expect:
- A brief presentation of the renewed TTT exams track;
- How learning in TTT is different form studying with a hired teacher;
- 5+ myths about exam preparation which will be busted in TTT;
- Q&A: Anita Modestova and Natalia Ladygina will answer any questions about the nuances of the course and backstage processes in TTT Exams Track.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
See you on September 12, 2020 at 2 pm (GMT +3)

Who is exam track for?

For highly motivated colleagues who are ready to invest their time and energy to pursue their goal.
For highly motivated colleagues who are ready to invest their time and energy to pursue their goal.
It's an intensive course, so please plan your CPD accordingly
For sprinter -teachers who are ready to stretch themselves and make a leap.
For sprinter -teachers who are ready to stretch themselves and make a leap.
Some of us choose to prepare for exams 'forever'. It's not about our programme
For self-driven individuals who need team spirit rather than a “guru” to help them prepare for exam.
For self-driven individuals who need team spirit rather than a “guru” to help them prepare for exam.
It's a self-preparation course. You will be teaching each other and we'll offer webinars, mock-exams and all the support, but still, it's all about teaching and learning from each other.

Is it you?

Why do other teachers join us?

We all miss speaking English and need regular practise. TTT is a place for you to become a student, learn English, have fun with it and tell all those stories you can't tell your 'real' students. You'll have 4 lessons in your groups per month and one speaking club.
Professional Development
You'll get to teach other teachers and learn from that. We also have 1 webinar with a follow-up per month (see the schedule below) and you can benefit from the discussions in our close Facebook group.
Our colleagues usually share that finding a group of like-minded teachers from all-over the world is one of the best things that ever happened to them. we have meet-ups, attend conferences together, share ideas and support each other. Always.

How do I join the track?


You apply to the group of your choice

You don't have to pay anything yet. But check your SPAM folder. There's an e-mail from us :)

You do the Placement test

The e-mail will contain a link inviting you to take our skills-based placement test.

Time to pay

If the test confirms your level, we'll send you our payment link.If not, we discuss other options. We might recommend a different Exam group or our General English track.

TTT Webinars and meet ups for Exams track 2020-2021

In this track we focus on breaking CAE and CPE into individual exam papers and preparing to sit these exams.

Our events are always on Mondays at 1: 30 pm Moscow time (GMT+3). Every first Monday you can join our speaking club; every second Monday - a webinar on an exam-related topic, every third Monday we go live to discuss TTT news, processes and answer questions; every fourth Monday – we sit a real time mock exam on one exam paper. The webinars will be recorded and can be re-watched later, but mock tests will only be conducted live under exam conditions. Book your time in advance in order not to miss anything!

Welcome webinar “Fasten your seat belts, TTT Exams is taking off”
October 1, 11:00 (GMT+3)
Speakers: Anita Modestova and Natalia Ladygina

Learning to learn for exams
October 12, 13:30 (GMT+3)
Speaker: Natalia Ladygina

Giving and getting feedback for TTT Exams
October 26, 13:30 (GMT+3)
Speaker: Natalia Ladygina

Listening for CAE and CPE

Speaker: Zhenya Bakin
Webinar: November 9, 13:30 (GMT+3)

 Speaker: Natalia Ladygina
Mock exam: November 23, 13:30 (GMT+3)

Learn more
Speaking for CAE and CPE
Speaker: Natalia Ladygina

Webinar: December 14, 13:30 (GMT+3)

Writing for CAE and CPE – Part 1
Speaker: Alexander Grigoriev

Webinar: January 11, 13:30 (GMT+3)
Mock exam: January 25, 13:30 (GMT+3)

Use of English for CAE and CPE
Speaker: to be confirmed

Webinar: February 8, 13:30 (GMT+3)
Mock exam: February 22, 13:30 (GMT+3)
Reading for CAE and CPE
Speakers: to be confirmed

Webinar: March 15, 13:30 (GMT+3)
Mock exam: March 29, 13:30 (GMT+3)
Writing for CAE and CPE – Part 2
Speaker: to be confirmed

Webinar: April 12, 13:30 (GMT+3)
Mock exam: April 26, 13:30 (GMT+3)
Mock exams month
Speaker: to be confirmed

Mock exam 1: May 10, 13:30 (GMT+3)
Mock exam 2: May 17, 13:30 (GMT+3)
Mock exam 3: May 24, 13:30 (GMT+3)

TTT Webinars and meet ups for Exams track 2020

Listening for CAE and CPE
Speaker: Zhenya Bakin - Webinar: June 8, 13:30 (GMT+3)
Speaker: Natalia Ladygina - Mock exam : June 22, 13:30 (GMT+3)

Use of English for CAE and CPE
Speaker: Anna Bezrukova
Webinar: July 13, 13:30 (GMT+3)
Mock exam: July 27, 13:30 (GMT+3)

Learn more

Writing for CAE and CPE – general introduction
Speaker: Alexander Grigoriev
Webinar: August 10, 13:30 (GMT+3)
Mock exam: August 24, 13:30 (GMT+3)

Learn more

Reading for CAE and CPE
Speaker: Oksana Blyashevskaya
Webinar: September 14, 13:30 (GMT+3)
Mock exam: September 28, 13:30 (GMT+3)

Learn more

Writing for CAE and CPE
Speaker: Sasha Grigoriev
Webinar: October 12, 13:30 (GMT+3)
Mock exam: October 26, 13:30 (GMT+3)

Learn more

Speaking for CAE and CPE
Speaker: Natalia Ladygina
Webinar: November 9, 13:30 (GMT+3)
Mock exam: November 23, 13:30 (GMT+3)

Terms and pricing

The course lasts for 5 full months and 3 shorter ones (December, January and May) and costs 39 000 rubles (~460EUR) if you pay in one go. You can also pay in 2 installments, but this option is a bit more expensive.

No matter which option you choose, you can always break the payment in 2! Contact us if you're not sure how it works.

You need to pay upfront to book your spot. Passing a placement test doesn't guarantee you a spot.

We'll send you a personal payment link on successful completion of the test.
Plan A: pay in one go - 39 000 ₽
Secure your spot for the whole programme, reduce our admin work and get a discount of 3050 rubles as a thank you.
If your plans change we'll give you a refund, but the cost will be recalculated according to Plan B.

You can go for the 'partial payment option' suggested by the bank, it won't increase the price for you, but remember to pay the second half on time).

We're based in Russia, but we're accepting all kinds of cards and payments. Your bank will charge you in your local currency, please check the exchange rate on the payment day.
Cost of one month

~ 5 300 ₽ ~ 61 €

Plan B: pay in 2 installments
You can pay twice:
- for October - January period (20 300₽) - paid before October.
- for February - May (21 750₽) - paid before February.

You can go for the 'partial payment option' suggested by the bank, each time you pay, it won't increase the price for you, but remember to pay the second half on time).

We're based in Russia, but we're accepting all kinds of cards and payments. Your bank will charge you in your local currency, please check the exchange rate on the payment day.
Cost of one month

~ 5 800 ₽ ~ 67 €

Apply to join:

What are the coursebooks?

Expert Advanced

Advanced Expert CAE is a flexible teaching programme which provides thorough preparation for the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English examination, while continuing to develop and extend students' language awareness and communication skills.
official website

Expert Proficiency

Completely in line with the 2013 exam specifications, Proficiency Expert provides everything you need to help your students succeed. The Student’s Resource Book supports students by giving them extensive additional material that enables students to consolidate and enrich their language and practice exam skills.
official website

What is included into programme per month:

4 group lessons (90 min)
4 group lessons
(90 min)

Every month one of you is in charge of teaching the group and other participants act as students. Teachers swap every calendar month.
1 webinar related to a specific exam-related paper or skill.
1 webinar related to a specific exam-related paper or skill.
Once a month. All webinars will be conducted live to cover specific needs of exam track participants, but their recordings will be available on our platform till the end of the course.
A follow-up mock exam
A follow-up mock exam
Following the topic, covered in a monthly webinar, you will have a chance to sit an online mock exam (relevant exam part only). The mock test will be followed by the
brainstorm on the strategies which proved to be more successful for the completion of exam paper. This is also a chance for you to test and fine-tune your individual exam preparation paths, if required. The recording will NOT be available.
Teachers of the month support
Teachers of the month support
Teachers of the month (the ones who are in charge of teaching during a particular month) join an immediate support group chat with peers and exam track curators.
They also get access to a special educational module on the course platform and have 4 online meet ups with course consultants to make most of their lesson preparation time.
Exchange of ideas
Exchange of ideas
While teaching and learning, we jointly create a data base of materials and resources to share with all exam track participants. Ideas get multiplied, tested and selected for your success in exam preparation.
1 live stream
1 live stream
We go live once a month to answer the most burning questions, announce upcoming events and celebrate new achievements of TTT community members.
Special Interest Groups
Special Interest Groups
Our SIGs meet once a month online (TTT Bookclub, TTT Methodology, TTT Linguistics). Each one has a closed FB group for sharing and cooperation.

One of our participants asked for it and now we all are huge fans of Pilates. Staying healthy! :)
1 speaking club
1 speaking club
Every first Monday of the month we'll be meeting just to talk and have fun. All groups together. You might want to volunteer to be a leader of the club one day :)

What do you need to complete the course?


EXPERT Advanced
EXPERT Proficiency


The main platform where we have lessons, follow-up sessions and our clubs is ZOOM

Feedback from our participants

Almost three months ago I accidentally saw the post by Anita Modestova that the number of people who are signing for Exams track launched by Natalia Ladygina turned out to be bigger than for Anita's General track. I was like – what is she talking about? I followed the link and found a marvellous programme of TTT Exams - the track oriented on preparation for CAE/CPE exams. I’ve been thinking of doing CPE for quite a bit, but not for the reason of trying to prove to myself something (or to someone). I feel I need a proper upgrade of my language. I’ve just realised, what many teachers realise at some step of their teaching career, that my language is not so professional as I would like it to be. Most of the time I speak slowly and use easy language with my low levels students, which is making my English weaker.

Well, I hadn't much time to think, so I prepaid straight away and that is where a surprise was waiting for me - Placement test, structured personally by Natalia Ladygina to assign you to the course that suits you more - CAE or CPE. And again I was like - Whaaaaat? I don't have time to prove to anyone that I'm good enough for preparation for an exam - my ego said to me)) But when I went through the test I realised that it was really worth it, it's like you need to prove it yourself at the very beginning of the course that you can do it: you can make yourself listen, speak and write at a proficiency level. These are the things that you will have to do an enormous amount of times to reach your main goal - pass the exam.

Eventually, the placement test was passed successfully and it was time for the first class with my group! Katerina Panfilova, Anastasia Belyaeva, Mary Pavlova, Anastasia Kidalinskaya, Daria Honcharova and Tatiana Eremeeva are all absolutely unique and gorgeous ladies, each one with own strengths and weaknesses, not afraid to say about the last ones, which makes them even stronger. It's hard to describe the warmth and supportiveness that we share in our group chat and an incredible atmosphere that we have in zoom classes, but I hope it can be seen in the photo attached) And this is I guess the first and foremost reason to join the group preparation, because even when you are too lazy or not in a mood or losing your faith in your abilities you can write to your group chat and get the most powerful wave of support.

Another thing that attracted me was the webinars that are organized on the course every month. The webinars are held by professional and experienced teachers as Zhenya Bakin, Anna Bezrukova, Sasha Grigoriev, followed by a mock test. All the webinars are recorded and you're able to dive into them whenever you like over and over again)
So, I don't actually know what this experience and kind of a challenge will lead me to (hopefully to proficiency), but I can say for sure that after 3 months of studying on this course I feel much more confident, updated I would say)
Helen Atayants
Although TTT_exams is not my first CAE preparation course, I was trembling with fear when teaching the first lesson on the course for our group. TTT format implies that there is no regular teacher for a group — everyone will try this role. I was the teacher of June. My first takeaway was that for the first teacher it is essential to have some exam preparation experience, although some of my colleagues might disagree with me here.

Each month starts off with a webinar on a certain aspect of exam preparation. We have had two webinars so far on Listening strategies by Zhenya Bakin on Use of English by Anna Bezrukova. Both proved to be super beneficial for the exams track participants.

As for written assignments, there is no TTT team member whose job responsibility would be to mark them. What's then? The power of peer assessment! The main idea is to learn to assess pieces of writing according to CAE criteria. yes, we aren't trained to to give a a particular band, but what all of us can do is to to give feedback in terms of content, communicative achievement, test organisation and choice of language structures.

In times of troubles and self-doubts, our amazing facilitator Natalia Ladygina helps us with lesson planning and gives lots of tips about exam thinking strategies.

My teaching motto is the more you teach, the better teacher you become, and I think TTT community is the right place to make my motto true.
Alena Nikitina
Since childhood we’ve been taught to rely on a certain degree of guidance in our education, sometimes even to a greater extent than required. We just get used to the fact that there’s always someone in charge of coordinating our learning process.
When I started my preparation for CPE, I was desperately looking for a tutor, or a mentor who would supervise the whole process, from marking and assessing my essays to telling me in what direction to proceed.
Having joined TeachersTeachTeachers a couple of months ago, my whole perception of exam preparation process changed dramatically! And the most crucial thing I learned was that all components of exam preparation can be perfectly managed off my own bat!
Another brilliant idea which the project is based on is studying with your peers who are all teachers and I can tell you that nothing can be better than interaction with likeminded colleagues sharing their views and pursuing similar goals!
What are the benefits of TTT Exams Track?
For me, it’s first of all, a friendly environment where we can gain insights, find support or discuss the issues related to the exam format and not only that.
Secondly, this program allows a lot of space for me to cherrypick freely what areas to focus on at a particular moment. So we are definitely not spoon-fed and this approach teaches us to be even more responsible and disciplined so that we could perfectly manage our exam preparation process according to the goals we set.
Thirdly, when I joined TTT Exams Track, I got access to invaluable and exclusive recourses. And this was the pivotal point in my preparation for the exam. Having watched Natalia Ladygina’s webinars on writing, I finally managed to produce a decent discursive essay. And later with the help of Polina Kordik’s Peer Assessment Guide I started to analyse my partner’s essays in a convenient and effective way. And these just a couple of examples.
Who teaches us?
Every month we take turns at teaching each other. And the Teachers of the Month have special meetings with experts who consult them on teaching related and exam preparation issues.
Do we have homework?
Yes, we do. And this is great! No pressure, but again the more you invest, the more you eventually get.
How often do we meet?
We have a 90-minutes’ online class once a week. Plus every Monday we are supposed to attend an event like an input webinar, the sitting of the Speaking club, or a Mock Exam. Besides, you can arrange meetings with your study partner whenever you want to practice speaking, discuss strategies, learning goals and so on.
To be honest, the Exams Track keeps me busy most of my time!
Speaking personally, this preparation mode, which I would call ‘Guided self-preparation”, suits me perfectly! Many thanks to Anita Modestova for such a genius idea of TTT and the opportunity of learning in such an unusual way!
Maria Nikitina-Pavlova
I' d been with the TTT for already 9 months when the Anita and the team launched a new project for those who are eager to take a Cambridge language exam. The course designer was Natalia Ladygina. By that time I've already found out what a devoted professional and a caring person she is, so I realised that this course is definitely worth participating in.
Now I should probably give some tips for those who are willing to join the Exam track. So, here they are:
1. Join the track when your language level is already up th the level you are aiming at (C1 or C2).
2. Study the Handbook very carefully. You should know the format and the criteria in order to try to fit them.
3. Your colleagues are your support group. You should just believe that each and every of them also experience their moments of weakness every now and then. Don't hesitate to share your fears with them and you will be pleasantly surprised at how supportive they can be :)
4. Study-buddy sessions are obligatory if you want to succeed in Speaking.
5. It's highly recommended to arrange writing practice once a week in your group. It's extremely difficult to actually sit and write smth unless you 're not alone. At first it will be a devastating experience but with each written piece it will be getting easier and easier ;)
6. Don't try to learn thousands of new words. It's better to learn 3 items a week and make them sound natural in your speech.
7. All the webinars with Natalia Ladygina are a must for you to attend ( or at least to watch). She is indeed a very profound professional, and I assure you, you'll look at some things from a different perspective after the meetings with her.
And finally.... ( guess I'm just writing that to calm myself😎) An exam is always about luck among other things. Hence, even if you fail, it doesn't mean that you're a failure or a bad teacher. It's just bad luck and there is some room for improvement.
Wish you all good luck!

    Our partners and friends

    Thank you for your support and active participation!