Module 1
Introduction to Teaching Adults Lexically

Start: October 2022 

About the course and Module 1

This Module is the first part of a longer course on teaching adults lexically.

In this Module we are going to:
- speak about the basics of the approach, the benefits we can get from teaching lexically both for the student, and for the teacher,
- learn how to reflect on your teaching and plan your professional development,
- learn how to get the maximum out of your course book when you teach lexically.

Module 1 is for those who are starting the lexical teacher journey, and would like to decide if they really need to learn more.

If you are familiar with the approach, checkout the programme of Module 2, where we dive into the details and techniques of teaching adults lexically.

Structure and workload

Anita Modestova

Structure and workload

Some principles behind our programme
Hey, I'm Anita, founder of Teachers Teach Teachers, and a huge fan of Lexical Approach. I believe that this is the best way to teach any language, both for the student and for the teacher.

Lexical teaching is about what you think about language learning and teaching. The activities you choose and the way you work with them depend on your teaching principles.

That's why my course on Teaching Adults lexically is a long-term low-paced programme. We have one input/workshop per month, and a follow up task for you to practice in class. This will give you time to think about your teaching principles, the changes you'd like to make in your teaching, and provide you with 3-4 weeks of practice in between the workshops.

Course structure:
1. We meet for a workshop or a webinar.
2. You get a follow-up task.
3. You do the task. There are always options to stretch the task into more, if you'd like.
4. You post your answer on our platform, and get feedback from my team.
5. We meet again for another workshop or webinar.

+ in between the sessions we send you a weekly update on the follow-up task, comment on what other participants have shared, and ask extra questions.

The material of the course is divided into 4 Modules. You can do all of them one after another, or take a break when you need it. More on other modules here.

Programme. Module 1:


Teach Adults Lexically

17 October 2022, 1:30 pm (GMT+3) - a live webinar,
31 October 2022, 1:30 pm (GMT+3) - follow-up workshop

Host: Anita Modestova

to discuss
- basic principles and ideas of the lexical approach,
- what you can change in your teaching right away,
- what the lexical approach looks like at different language levels.

Practice: analyse your classroom experience, try out the new techniques, practise chunking texts.

Reflecting on your teaching, learning from other colleagues

14 November, 1:30 pm (GMT+3) - a live webinar
12 December, 1:30 pm (GMT+3) - a live workshop

Host: Natalia Ladygina

learn how to
- be more aware of your own needs;
- reflect on your teaching,
- discuss your lessons with colleagues,
- learn from analysing your own teaching.

Practice: analyse your lesson, observe your colleague's lesson, participate in a post lesson discussion.


How to follow your coursebook and save time on lesson planning

16 January 2023, 1:30 pm (GMT+3) - a live webinar
13 February, 1:30 pm (GMT+3) - a live workshop

Host: Anita Modestova

learn how to
- reduce your lesson preparation time,
- see hidden speaking opportunities,
- get the maximum of the activities in the book,
- personalise your lesson 'on the go'.

Practice: use your course book to the fullest



Anita Modestova

- English teacher,
- a founder and leader of the international programme for English teachers Teachers Teach Teachers since 2019
- speaker at international conferences
- certified psychologist,
- former business coach

Natalia Ladygina

- English teacher,
- teacher trainer,
- CELTA tutor,
- Speaking Examiner,
- speaker at international conferences

Six reasons to join Module 1

Less than half a year to learn the basics of the lexical approach and peculiarities of teaching adults
live sessions
One or two times a month,
on Mondays at 1:30 pm (GMT+3).
3 webinars, 3 workshops, and 1 reflection session.
follow-up tasks
Homework tasks between sessions are aimed at practicing the skills acquired at the workshop or a webinar.
speaking clubs
1st Monday of the month at 1:30 pm
— Monday speaking club

3rd Saturday of the month at 4:00 pm
— TTT Cafe

4th Wednesday of the month at 4:00 pm
— Wednesday speaking club
special interest groups
We currently have five SIGs (Special Interest Groups) in TTT: Methodology, Linguistics, Games, Film, and Bookclub.

They meet 1-2 times a month.

Check out the schedule here
You can take part in our internal TTT Conference this December

This gives you the opportunity to try yourself as a speaker in a familiar and safe environment, and to overcome the fear of public speaking. Or you can enjoy the conference as a participant.