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Teachers Teach Teachers is a three-year online peer-learning programme for English teachers.

Participants learn English with a coursebook in groups of up to 12. Every month a participant of the group becomes the ‘teacher’ for the very same group.

On top of the lessons, we provide a professional development programme, that lasts 3 years and includes input sessions, workshops, speaking clubs, special interest groups (methodology, bookclub, linguistics, film, games, creative writing SIG), and workshops for teachers of the month.

Our principles:


This is a programme for teachers, by teachers.

It's flexible, we're open to all ideas you might have. Please share with us!

We're all peers learning from each other. It's a safe place to experiment.

No criticism, only feedback.

We respect copyright

You need to buy a legal (paperback) copy of the book to join the programme.

The more you give, the more you get

We're happy to support your initiative. Be active!

Feedback from our participants

  • Изображение
    Olga Belyakova
    This project is a great opportunity to become a part of Russian ELT community, to work on your language and teaching skills, to explore your CPD needs and to continuously grow both professionally and personally. Happy to be a part of this community!
  • Изображение
    Nailia Soldatova
    It's a great community of professionals that helps me improve my language as well as my teaching skills. People are friendly and supportive here. Highly recommend it!


    Is it possible NOT to teach?
    - No! :)

    It’s a project for teachers who teach teachers. It's a place where everyone can feel safe and equal (no matter the experience and qualifications). We are 100% sure that you're doing something great in class, so please share it with us!
    And you don't have to be the first teacher in your group. After all, there're 9 other people!

    We also provide methodological help and support. And we're not charging extra for that!
    Teachers of the month have a special chat, access to extra webinars, and 4 live meet-ups where they all brainstorm ideas for their future lessons together! Together with Elizaveta Kostikova (in charge of tools and online), Natalia Ladygina (CELTA trainer, in charge of feedback) - Hugh Dellar or Andrew Walkley from Lexical Lab (isn't it cool to have one of the authors to help you with lesson planning?) and the final meet-up is usually with Anita Modestova (she's in charge of everything at TTT). So, we're expecting teachers to queue up for this teaching opportunity, not to run away from it :)
    Can I get a trial lesson/a trial month?
    - No.

    And here's why:
    The idea is that teachers teach each other and switch every month.
    If you join for one lesson
    a) this might be the first lesson for this particular teacher, and, we all know, first lessons can be overwhelming,
    b) next month - next teacher,
    с) you might be this teacher yourself :)
    This makes the concept of a trial period absolutely impossible.

    On top of that, you're not paying for each lesson. We have developed a programme, invited guest speakers, and provide a complex service: group lessons, webinars, SIGs and a lot of extra stuff. The programme for our General English track is for 3 years, so joining for 3 months is kinda a trial period already. The Exams track is just 6 months, so no time for trials :)

    We aim to keep the minimal price so that the majority of teachers from different places all over the world could afford it. We can't and won't cut down on the quality of our product, but we can reduce admin work, that's why we're asking you to pay for a minimum of 3 months.

    We believe in what we do – that teachers can teach teachers and learn from each other. And we're absolutely sure that if you join for a 'trial period' you'll stay, so why waste time? Skip the trial and see you in June :)
    What are the course books?
    For the General English track it’s Outcomes Advanced or Upper-Intermediate, 2nd edition. For the Exams track it’s Expert series.
    We have photos and links on our website. You need the course book only. The simple one, without the code. We're not using the workbooks either, but you can buy one if you want to do something extra.
    Do I have to buy the course book? Or can I download it?
    One of our key principles is that we respect copyright. You need to buy a legal (paperback or digital) copy of the book to join the programme.
    We also believe that buying a course book shows that you're going to take your learning seriously.
    Can I switch the group if my schedule changes?
    The groups will be doing the same pages of the book each week. It means the transition between groups's quite easy. So, yes, if there are places available.
    Still, we noticed that our participants usually try to stay in their old groups, or find their way to come back - the relationships and team spirit within the groups are unique.
    How do you become a teacher of the month?
    Usually teachers simply volunteer, because they know that our expert team will guide them through the whole process.
    Anyway, there are 10 people in the group and a teacher teaches the whole month. It means some of you will have to wait for 9 months for this opportunity! So the best strategy is to volunteer ASAP!
    If not, we can always use randomiser :)
    We really want to make lives of our TTT Teachers easier, so here's something we've done:⠀
    Created a special CHAT for TTT Teachers of the month. Here you can ask questions and help each other prepare for the lessons. Natalia Ladygina @ladygina_nat and Anita Modestova @modestova.pro are 'on-call' here too and always ready to help.
    Organised weekly meet-ups - a virtual Staffroom, where teachers can brainstorm ideas and lexis for the lesson together. There will always be someone from the TTT team to help.
    1st - an introductory meet-up to show you where's everything and to experiment with Zoom.
    2nd - a meet-up on feedback as it's what our programme is about. With Natalia Ladygina @ladygina_nat
    3rd - a lexical meet-up (for the General English track). As you might know, Hugh Dellar and Andrew Walkley from @lexical_lab are friends of the project, so they kindly agreed to supervise lesson preparations. Can you believe that?! We're thrilled! One virtual Staffroom meeting per month will be with one of them.
    - an Exam meet-up (for the English Exams track) with several guests (one each month) who know everything about CAE/CPE.
    4th - to sum everything up, reflect on this experience and get ready for the final lesson with @modestova.pro
    We've created a special module just for Teachers of the project with guidelines and ideas for the lessons. It means that everything will be in one place and always there for you to have a look at.
    We really hope this all helps and teaching at TTT will be a developmental and pleasant experience for everyone
    Who runs the courses?
    The pacing guide, the course structure and the academic programme is designed by Anita Modestova. But who are the teachers who teach you?
    Well … you, and your colleagues. That’s why we are ‘Teachers teach teachers’.
    The teacher of the month is one from your group. This means that one calendar month long this person does the teaching under our supervision and with your support and feedback.
    That's why we don't do trial lessons, or months - the teachers change and you have an opportunity to experience different teaching styles and teach yourself.
    How big are the groups?
    - 10 people maximum for the General English track;
    - 6 for the Exams track.
    How long does the course last?
    3 years - the General English track (both Upper-Intermediate and Advanced groups).
    6 months - English Exams (it's a sprint for teachers who are ready to sit the exam).
    How not to miss anything?
    We know we have lots of interesting events. To keep you up to date and informed we have:
    - information channel (WhatsApp),
    - your group chat (WhatsApp),
    - TTT Staffroom group on Facebook.
    We also send you a weekly e-mail with our plans for the week, TTT digest, and automatic reminders for all the events.