Teach Adults Lexically

*by Teachers Teach Teachers

a 4-Module course for language teachers

About the course

Our 4 Modules of the programme are going to guide you through the experience of becoming a lexical teacher. Starting with the principles behind the approach, then moving on to teaching lexically with a course book of you choice and finishing up with working with emergent language, elements of Dogme, and developing your own lexical materials.

This course is for those who already teach adults, or are going to do that soon. It is a practical programme, so it's best for you to have someone to practice with.

The material of the course is divided into 4 Modules. You can do all of them one after another, or take a break when you need it.

Structure and workload

Anita Modestova

Structure and workload

Some principles behind our programme
Hey, I'm Anita, founder of Teachers Teach Teachers, and a huge fan of Lexical Approach. I believe that this is the best way to teach any language, both for the student and for the teacher.

Lexical teaching is about what you think about language learning and teaching. The activities you choose and the way you work with them depend on your teaching principles.

That's why my course on Teaching Adults lexically is a long-term low-paced programme. We have one input/workshop per month, and a follow up task for you to practice in class. This will give you time to think about your teaching principles, the changes you'd like to make in your teaching, and provide you with 3-4 weeks of practice in between the workshops.

Course structure:
1. We meet for a workshop or a webinar.
2. You get a follow-up task.
3. You do the task. There are always options to stretch the task into more, if you'd like.
4. You post your answer on our platform, and get feedback from my team.
5. We meet again for another workshop or webinar.

+ in between the sessions we send you a weekly update on the follow-up task, comment on what other participants have shared, and ask extra questions.

The material of the course is divided into 4 Modules. You can do all of them one after another, or take a break when you need it. More on other modules here.


Module 1:
Introduction to teaching adults lexically
Start: October 2022
Duration: 5 months

17 October, 2022 - a live webinar 'Teach adults lexically'
31 October, 2022 - Q&A 'Teach adults lexically'
14 November, 2022 - a live webinar 'Reflecting on your teaching, learning from other colleagues'
12 December, 2022 - a live workshop 'Reflecting on your teaching, learning from other colleagues'
16 January, 2023 - a live webinar 'How to follow your coursebook and save time on lesson planning'
13 February, 2023 - a live workshop 'How to follow your coursebook and save time on lesson planning'
27 February, 2023 - a reflection session

Module 2:
Follow your Coursebooks
Start: March 2023
Duration: 9 months

11 March 2023 - Setting goals
13 March 2023 - a live webinar 'Teaching vocabulary lexically'
10 April 2023 - a live workshop 'Teaching vocabulary lexically'
15 May 2023 - a live webinar 'Teaching grammar lexically'
12 June 2023 - a live workshop 'Teaching grammar lexically'
10 July 2023 - a live webinar 'Teaching reading and listening lexically'
14 August 2023 - a live workshop 'Teaching reading and listening lexically'
11 September 2023 - a live webinar 'Teaching speaking and writing lexically'
9 October 2023 - a live workshop 'Teaching speaking and writing lexically'
27 October 2023 - a reflection session
Module 3:
Dogme approach and teaching lexically
Start: November 2023
Duration: 6 months

3 November 2023 - Setting goals
13 November 2023 - a live webinar 'Emergent vocabulary and Dogme approach'
11 December 2023 - a live workshop 'Emergent vocabulary and Dogme approach'
15 January 2024 - a live webinar 'Revision and Recycling'
12 February 2024 - a live workshop 'Revision and Recycling'
11 March 2024 - a live webinar 'Teaching lexically: from practice to theory
15 April 2024 - a reflection session
Module 4:
Materials development and supplementing the book
Start: May 2024
Duration: 8 months

3 May 2024 - Setting goals
13 May 2024 - a recorded webinar 'Deconstructing the course book'
10 June 2024 - a live workshop 'Deconstructing the course book'
6 July 2024 - a recorded webinar 'Analysing materials'
12 August 2024 - a live workshop 'Analysing materials'
9 September 2024 - a recorded webinar 'Options to reaching your outcome – speaking tasks and lesson shapes'
14 October 2024 - a live workshop 'Options to reaching your outcome – speaking tasks and lesson shapes'
11 November 2024 - a live webinar 'Authentic materials'
9 December 2024 - a reflection session

And there's more...

TTT is about teachers learning from each other, exchanging ideas and collaborating. That's why when you join our programmes you join our community of teachers. This includes:
- 3 speaking clubs per month - to network and speak English,
- 2 special interest groups - to discuss important things with others,
- an internal conference in December,
- a random-coffee programme with 1-1 meet ups.

Here's what our participants say about TTT

  • Изображение
    Olga Belyakova
    This project is a great opportunity to become a part of Russian ELT community, to work on your language and teaching skills, to explore your CPD needs and to continuously grow both professionally and personally. Happy to be a part of this community!
  • Изображение
    Nailia Soldatova
    It's a great community of professionals that helps me improve my language as well as my teaching skills. People are friendly and supportive here. Highly recommend it!
  • Изображение
    Anna Sokolova
    I see how beneficial and supportive the TTT community is. Apart from language classes themselves, there are great methodology webinars, we pick up tiny teaching tips from each other and it's really motivating to be among devoted professionals.
  • Изображение
    Yelena Tsimbalyuk
    What have I gained as a TTT participant? Structured CPD, all in one place, with a great variety and thought. I've found a wonderful community of co-teachers. I've gained much-needed experience in teaching advanced level students online. I've learned a lot of online tools. Consider it a great investment of your time and money! You get a lot of things in one package. And if you are ready to learn and change, you will find ample opportunities for that here.
  • Изображение
    Irina Mosenkova
    Being a teacher doesn't mean knowing everything but knowing how to involve your students and together find the answer. Teachers are just people and they study the same way as others. I've chosen TTT because I need people thinking alike from the same field of my interest to communicate with and develop in the language. Teaching for me means not only teaching others but learning myself. TTT is a great community to find answers to your questions, to learn yourself and gain your professional goals.
  • Изображение
    Diana Ananian
    TTT is the best place for development and practice language skills. I think that here I can get acquainted with my colleagues. I will be teacher - of - the- month for the first time on June. Two weeks ago I was very nervous and excited, but after our workshop I was really very calm and concentrated. I am trying to plan my future lessons. I hope that they'll be interesting for my group.
  • Изображение
    Elena Ignatova
    I have chosen TTT because I was looking for a community of like-minded people as I work mostly on my own. Now I've become more confident about my teaching, improved my English and found a group of teachers who became my friends.
  • Изображение
    Oksana Solyanova
    I learned to stay calm in any situation during the lesson being the TOM (teacher of the month), observed a lot of colleagues conducting their lessons and learned to appreciate it. I'd recommend to join Teachers Teach Teachers. Experience is the most precious thing. Besides, when you feel you're not alone, when you can discuss your ideas and share your worries, it feels great!

    And here's some video-feedback from TTT participants