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Ksenia Mischenko

Ksenia Mischenko

our Pilates trainer in May 2020

Body and movement enthusiast
Movement specialist and Pilates trainer in Pilates Plus Studio, in Moscow

Internationally certified Polestar Pilates Studio Trainer (both Pilates apparatus and Pilates Mat)
Interpreter at numerous international body and movement workshops
Translator of 4 professional books

A horse rider; a traveler; a pilgrim who’s done Camino de Santiago; a fan of hiking, trekking, mountaineering


On Fridays in May at 8 am (+3GMT)
1, 8, 15, 22, 29 of May in Zoom



- It helps to release back and neck pain, which are so common for people spending too much time in sitting or in front of computer;
- It improves your posture (and, thus, your body efficiency): after many hours of daily sitting your posture becomes looking like a “question-mark” – regular Pilates practice helps to offset this negative impact;
- It improves the condition of your joints all over the body: our joints are synovial “constructions”, which means they – like a sponge – need to be squashed to absorb more fluid. And it’s exactly fluid that nourishes them. The more variability in motion you have – the better is the condition of your joints. Pilates helps you to keep this variability;
- It decreases your daily stress: Pilates exercises require some concentration, so while doing them you will have no chance to think about borsch which you need to prepare, or problems you need to solve. A pure time dedicated to yourself, which helps to restart your brain;
- It enriches your brain abilities: Pilates gives you a new movement experience, which in turn creates new neural pathways in your brain, thus developing it. Overall, it’s a deep work from inside your neural system;
- It increases your body awareness, which helps you to stay in contact with your body and to “hear” it better;
- It’s just fun and a nice way to spend time, taking care of yourself!