Each TTT group has a moderator. Moderators are the participants who volunteered to help their colleagues with all the problems that might arise and be intermediaries between their groupmates and the organising team. Their role is absolutely vital for TTT, that's why we consider them part of our extended TTT organising team, and provide them with some special perks.

About SIGs

TTT Methodology

I’m Kate Surkova, a teacher and a learner. I’m sure that these two things go hand in hand. I teach both English and French, as well as help those who love learning languages independently. I do believe that effective learning requires a friendly and safe environment. Being the head of our Methodology SIG (Special Interest Group), I’m trying to turn reading books on teaching into pleasure and fun.
I’m also keen on psychology, LARP, music and history.

At the moment we’re reading Teaching Unplugged. We meet twice a month in zoom, read the introduction together and then divide the chapter into several parts, one for each participant of the meeting. We read individually, but we discuss and sometimes try the activities from the book together, so that we can apply these activities at real lessons without any hesitation.

TTT Linguistics

Nataliya Ivleva is an English teacher (CAE, CPE, CELTA) and linguist who, alongside with teaching the language to adults, dedicates a lot of her time to popularizing linguistic knowledge. She is interested in how human language works and how our brain processes it.
She also explores the etymology of the English lexis by tracking down its roots and sometimes surprising connections with Russian or other languages. “My belief is that we, teachers, should really love and know what we teach. Methodology is vital, but let us not forget what it exists for in the first place: the mysterious and unique gift humans have – language”

About the group

This is a group for language lovers and those who want to look beyond course books. We meet to discuss Generative Linguistics, Psycholingustics, Language Acquisition, Language Picture of the World, relations between language and thought, comparative studies of individual languages and whatever sparks our interest. Currently we are reading The Language Instinct by S.Pinker (planning to finish in February 2021).