Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

At the moment we have six SIGs (Special Interest Groups) in TTT. The SIGs are to help you make your professional development even more focused and versatile.

We care about your time and energy resources a lot and don't want you to develop FOMO (fear of missing out). These SIGs are additional to your main TTT or TTT School Methodology program and it's okay if don't join any of them.

Starting from December 2021 TTT and TTT School Methodology participants will be able to join any two SIGs for free.
TTT School Basic participants will have an opportunity to join one SIG for free.

That's how your study-work-life balance will not be affected.

In case you long for more, you will have a chance to join as many SIGs as you want after you have paid the membership fee.

Join in!
If you have an idea for another area of interest, email us - we are open to all suggestions.

Our SIGs

Our SIGs

TTT Bookclub

The Bookclub is for avid readers who know how to make the most of reading deadlines and appreciate a chance to timely discuss their thoughts and impressions with colleagues.

TTT Bookclub schedule:

We meet once every month on Sunday at 9 a.m. (GMT+3)
31 October (Sun) - 9 am
28 November (Sun) - 9 am
26 December (Sun) - 9 am
30 January (Sun) - 9 am
27 February (Sun) - 9 am
27 March (Sun) - 9 am
1 May (Sun) - 9 am (instead of the April meeting)
29 May (Sun) - 9 am

Our TTT Bookclub is a group of avid readers who can't live without books. Every month we choose a book and read it during the month.

Leader: Darya Pashkina
I have been the head of TTT bookclub since October 2019. I graduated from Saint-Petersburg University with flying colors. I've been teaching English for 9 years and working as a senior teacher for the last 2. I adore this language and I think there's always a room for perfection.
October book: The Underground girls of Kabul by Jenny Nordberg
November book: The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

Want to join the SIG? If you are in TTT, contact platform@teachers-teach-teachers.com

Books we've read so far:
To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee
Machines Like Us
Ian McEvan
The Handmaid's Tale
Margaret Atwood
Eat Pray Love
Elizabeth Gilbert
The Goldfinch
Donna Tartt
Stephen King
White Teeth
Zadie Smith
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
Gail Homeyman
Terry Pratchett
Yaa Gyasi

Watching the English
Kate Fox

Our SIGs

Our SIGs

TTT Methodology

The Methodology club aims at helping everyone interested to finally read all those methodology books you keep collecting on your shelf and to try out some
of the described activities and principles in practice.

TTT Methodology schedule (GMT+3):
7 November (Sun) - 7 pm
21 November (Sun) - 9 am
5 December (Sun) - 7 pm
19 December (Sun) - 9 am
16 January (Sun) - 9 am
6 February (Sun) - 7 pm
27 February (Sun) - 9 am
6 March (Sun) - 7 pm
20 March (Sun) - 9 am
3 April (Sun) - 7 pm
17 April (Sun) - 9 am
1 May (Sun) - 7 pm
15 May (Sun) - 9 am

TTT Methodology meetings:
We meet twice a month in Zoom, read the introduction together and then divide the chapter into several parts, one for each participant of the meeting. We read individually, but we discuss and sometimes try the activities from the book together, so that we can apply these activities at real lessons without any hesitation.

Leader: Kate Surkova
I’m Kate Surkova, a teacher and a learner. I’m sure that these two things go hand in hand. I teach both English and French, as well as help those who love learning languages independently. I do believe that effective learning requires a friendly and safe environment. Being the head of our Methodology SIG, I’m trying to turn reading books on teaching into pleasure and fun. I’m also keen on psychology, LARP, music and history.

Want to join the SIG? If you are in TTT, contact platform@teachers-teach-teachers.com
We are about to finish reading “The company words keep” by Paul Davis and Hanna Kryszewska
The next book is “Lexical Grammar”
by Leo Selivan

Our SIGs

Our SIGs

TTT Linguistics

The Linguistic club members are into learning how the language itself works and evolves over time.

TTT Linguistics schedule
4 November (Thu) — 20:30
25 November (Thu) — 20:30
23 December (Thu) — 20:30
27 January (Thu) — 20:30
24 February (Thu) — 20:30
31 March (Thu) — 20:30
28 April (Thu) — 20:30
26 May (Thu) — 20:30

TTT Linguistics meetings:
This is a group for language lovers and those who want to look beyond course books. We meet to discuss Generative Linguistics, Psycholingustics, Language Acquisition, Language Picture of the World, relations between language and thought, comparative studies of individual languages and whatever sparks our interest.
Leader: Nataliya Ivleva
Nataliya Ivleva is an English teacher (CAE, CPE, CELTA) and linguist who, alongside with teaching the language to adults, dedicates a lot of her time to popularizing linguistic knowledge. She is interested in how human language works and how our brain processes it.
She also explores the etymology of the English lexis by tracking down its roots and sometimes surprising connections with Russian or other languages. “My belief is that we, teachers, should really love and know what we teach. Methodology is vital, but let us not forget what it exists for in the first place: the mysterious and unique gift humans have – language”.

Want to join the SIG? If you are in TTT, contact platform@teachers-teach-teachers.com
We have just finished reading “The language instinct” by Steven Pinker
We are currently reading “How language works” by David Crystal

Our SIGs

Our SIGs

TTT Film

The Film club is for people who truly enjoy watching films, talking about films, as well as for those who haven’t discovered this movie-passion within them yet.

TTT Film schedule (GMT+3):
6 November (Sat), 6 p.m. - Dead poets society
21 November (Sun), 3 p.m. - The peanut butter falcon
11 December (Sat), 6 p.m.
15 January (Sat), 6 p.m.
23 January (Sun), 3 p.m.
12 February (Sat), 6 p.m.
27 February (Sun), 3 p.m.
12 March (Sat), 6 p.m.
27 March (Sun), 3 p.m.
09 April (Sat), 6 p.m.
24 April (Sun), 3 p.m.
14 May (Sat), 6 p.m.
22 May (Sun), 3 p.m.

TTT Film meetings:
Our TTT Film is for people who truly enjoy watching films, talking about films, as well as for those who haven’t discovered this movie-passion within them yet.
We meet every second Saturday of the month at 6 p.m. (GMT+3) and every fourth Sunday of the month at 3 p.m. (GMT+3).
Leader: Vira Yarosh
Vira Yarosh is a freelance English teacher, based in Kharkiv, Ukraine, TESOL holder, striving for continuous professional development. She has been teaching for 4 years and she's experienced teaching people of all ages, but, for this moment, she mostly teaches teenagers and adults. Vira loves watching films and series. "I see here such a great opportunity to trick my brain into studying, still while relaxing and plunging into the plots of all kinds!"

Want to join the SIG? If you are in TTT, contact platform@teachers-teach-teachers.com
Films we've watched so far:
“Atonement” by Joe Wright
“Knives Out” by
Rian Johnson
“Detachment” by
Tony Kaye

Our SIGs

Our SIGs

TTT Games

The Games club will give you the answers to all these questions and more. At our meetings we play games like Apples to Apples, Codenames, Spyfall, Storycubes and many others.

TTT Games schedule (GMT+3):
12 November (Fri), 6 p.m.
26 November (Fri), 6 p.m. - How to write a great listicle for your blog
3 December (Fri), 6 p.m.
10 December (Fri), 6 p.m.
21 January (Fri), 6 p.m.
28 January (Fri), 6 p.m.
11 February (Fri), 6 p.m.
18 February (Fri), 6 p.m.
18 March (Fri), 6 p.m.
25 March (Fri), 6 p.m.
22 April (Fri), 6 p.m.
29 April (Fri), 6 p.m.
13 May (Fri), 6 p.m.
20 May (Fri), 6 p.m.

TTT Games meetings:
Each month we take a game and play it - then we discuss its classroom application.
TTT Games is for school teachers, those who teach groups and would like to start a game club of their own.
Leader: Alena Shvets
Alyona Shvets is currently an English teacher at the Intellectual school in Moscow. She is a CELTA and Delta M1 holder and has been running a game club in English in Ziferblat Tverskaya since 2014.
As much as she's enjoying teaching English, playing games in English is her true passion! Her first degree is psychology, and she believes that people really relax and open up when they play, they synch and build a strong connection with their playmates - in other words, this is where magic happens.

Want to join the SIG? If you are in TTT, contact platform@teachers-teach-teachers.com

Our SIGs

Our SIGs

TTT Creative writing

Creative Writing SIG is aimed at developing writing skills by focusing on different writing subskills. It does not follow the structure or the criteria typical for academic writing or writing for exams (CAE, CPE). Thus, it allows more freedom for your creative expression and practising writing in a safe and friendly environment.

TTT Creative writing schedule (GMT+3):
9 November (Tue) 1:30 p.m. - Using five senses to spice up descriptions
23 November (Tue) 1:30 p.m. - How to write a great listicle for your blog
14 December (Tue) 1:30 p.m.
25 January (Tue) 1:30 p.m.
8 February (Tue) 1:30 p.m.
22 February (Tue) 1:30 p.m.
15 March (Tue) 1:30 p.m.
29 March (Tue) 1:30 p.m.
12 April (Tue) 1:30 p.m.
26 April (Tue) 1:30 p.m.
17 May (Tue) 1:30 p.m.

TTT Creative writing meetings:
This SIG will run 2 times every month on the second and fourth Tuesday at 1.30 p.m. (GMT+3).
Each meeting lasts for 90 minutes.

There will be a new topic each week (it’s okay to skip some meetings, you can join the SIG at any moment).

Level of English: B2-C2.

No mandatory homework.
No mandatory pre-tasks (you don’t need to prepare anything in advance).

Each meeting follows this structure:
- introduction into the topic
- discussing some theory on the topic
- discussing some examples of writing
- brainstorming in break-out rooms with peers to generate ideas
- planning what to write
- writing your piece (15-20 minutes)
- sharing your piece in Google Docs
- reading your peers’ work and giving peer feedback
- general discussion of the outcomes of the meeting
Leader: Yulia Onofrey
Yulia Onofrey studied linguistics and teaching methodology (MSLU, MSU) and did a master’s degree in education at the University of York. Academic writing has never been her forte, but she's been writing for pleasure for more than 10 years. Her writing portfolio is quite diverse: poems in Russian, translations of Russian poetry into English (and vice versa) as well as poems in English. Lately she's developed a taste for using picture prompts to write short English sketches on her Instagram (@yulia_moonchase). She uses writing as a creative outlet and a tool for self-reflection.

Want to join the SIG? If you are in TTT, contact platform@teachers-teach-teachers.com
Games we've played so far: