Teachers of the month

Becoming a Teacher of the Month might seem like an overwhelming responsibility, but never fear!

We’ve designed a special programme to help you benefit from this experience, reduce the time you spend on lesson prep, and give you all the support you need to make it as smooth, pleasurable and helpful as possible.

Read on to see what you will be doing so you can pick your month for teaching wisely. At the end of the page you’ll be able to pick your slot up to three months in advance so you can plan ahead and be ready and raring to go when it is your turn.

The role of the TTT Teacher of the Month as we see it


TTT Teacher Training:

Every month 26 new teachers volunteer to provide quality education for 200+ TTT participants, and we are ready to support you when you become one of them every step of the way. 

Here is what you will do when you are teacher of the month:


Join the WhatsApp group for Teachers of the Month

Here you can hang out with your fellow TOMs and get support from each other and the TTT team. Anita, Natalia, Heather and Lisa will always be here for you.

Get access to the TTT Teacher Training module

Here we have videos to cover all aspects of your TOM experience.

Want to know more about what TOMing is all about? - We have a video about it!
Want to know how to access the Zoom account for your lessons? - There’s a video for that, and to help you with the basics of Zoom if you are not Zoom confident.
Want to know more about the lexical approach or exam preparation classes? - There are videos for these too.
Wondering how to get feedback on your teaching from your students? - Watch the video.

All in all there are about 70 minutes of videos of different aspects of the TOM experience.

You do not have to watch them all at once! But you will want to watch them before you start teaching, so you will get access to these two weeks in advance.

Get your Pacing guide

Plan lessons according to the schedule prepared by the TTT team.

Get invited to 5 Workshops

Attend five lesson planning workshops to help with the lesson planning. These are 100% practical: the whole idea behind them is a guided face to face (virtually speaking) collaboration of TOMs, as well as the opportunity to explore further some aspects of the TOM experience introduced in the Teacher Training Module.

Please look at the workshop schedule below (note the times change each month!) to help you choose your best fit month. Then you can choose your month, up to three months in advance, and get closer to reaching your full potential as a member of Teacher Teach Teachers!

We want you to get as much from being the Teacher of the Month as possible.

In one month you will get 7.5 hours of practice teaching adults/teachers/high levels/exam preparation classes with regular feedback on your actions from the group participants. Who are themselves teachers, but TTT teachers, which means supportive to the max!

The teaching practice will be supplemented by 8.5 hours of CPD. That’s theoretical input from invited speakers, group brainstorming, guided collaborative lesson planning and regular self-reflection.

So sign up!

Workshops Schedule

All these dates are set in stone. Please choose your teaching moth carefully, so you could make the tame to attend all the workshops.

October at 1 p.m.

25 September - Teaching Lexically for GE/Teaching for Exams for the Exams Track (Part 1)
2 October
- Feedback
9 October
- Teaching Lexically for GE/Teaching for Exams for the Exams Track (Part 2)
16 October
- Revision and recycling
23 October
- Summing up

November at 3 p.m.

23 October - Teaching Lexically for GE/Teaching for Exams for the Exams Track (Part 1)
6 November
- Feedback
13 November
- Teaching Lexically for GE/Teaching for Exams for the Exams Track (Part 2)
20 November
- Revision and recycling
27 November
- Summing up

December at 1 p.m.

27 November – Workshop 1
4 December
– Workshop 2
11 December
– Workshop 3
18 December
– Workshop 4

January at 3 p.m.

18 January - Workshop 1
15 January
- Workshop 2
22 January
- Workshop 3
29 January
- Workshop 4

February at 1 p.m.

29 January - Workshop 1
5 February
- Workshop 2
12 February
- Workshop 3
19 February
- Workshop 4
26 February
- Workshop 5

March at 3 p.m.

26 February - Workshop 1
5 March
- Workshop 2
12 March
- Workshop 3
19 March
- Workshop 4
26 March
- Workshop 5

April at 1 p.m.

26 March - Workshop 1
2 April
- Workshop 2
9 April
- Workshop 3
16 April
- Workshop 4
23 April
- Workshop 5

May at 3 p.m.

23 April - Workshop 1
7 May
- Workshop 2
14 May
- Workshop 3


Please enter the email you use for Zoom, which will help us make sure you get to work with people who are teaching the same lessons as you are as far as possible.

If you are a teacher of the month, study this module.

If you have finished your teaching round in TTT for now, we kindly ask you to share your experience with us, so that we could make it better in the future. If you could fill in this feedback form, you’d help us a lot: https://forms.gle/hr7zWxbByiAyVost5


Where are the pacing guides?
First you will see a Padlet with your schedule, under the Padlet there is the first lesson which is called Pacing Guides and Workshops Schedule.
Why is it important to stick to the pacing guide?
If you don’t stick to the pacing guide, the next teacher of the month won’t know what to do, also the planning during workshops will be difficult because all groups are on the same pages now and that’s actually one of the points of doing the planning together.
When are the workshops?
Scroll up and find your month. The workshops schedule is on this page :)

Our partners and friends

Thank you for your support and active participation!