Hi! Meet our TTT Team!

TTT is a project for English teachers created by English teachers. The programme is for those who are ready to teach and learn from each other.

Here we will tell you a little about us, so that you know who to contact in case you need something.
We will start with Anita Modestova – the founder.


Anita Modestova

I'm Anita. I'm an English teacher. I got my CELTA in 2013 I used to be a business trainer before that, as I'm a psychologist by education. I got my CPE in 2014. I'm a freelancer, I teach only adults, love teaching low levels and I'm a big fan of the Lexical approach.
I started TTT because I needed a place to speak English, to have those conversations I teach my students to have, to learn from other teachers and enjoy the whole process together.
I've been teaching Russian lexically to Andrew Walkley, the co-author of Outcomes. I consider it fun. as I'm not a real Russian teacher🙂
I love reading, play football a little, and I recently got a cat, he's only 7 weeks old and it's my first pet ever!

Elizaveta Kostikova

I’m Elizaveta, most participants know me as Lizzie, which is my favourite nickname.
I’ve been with TTT from the very beginning, the idea of sharing is so appealing to me that I couldn’t help joining when it just started. Basically, I’m responsible for keeping everything organised, clear and easy to use. I deal with incoming messages, Zoom links, payments, speakers, partners and whatnot. First I joined TTT as a participant, but soon it was clear that it was not enough, I wanted more involvement and responsibility. Have never regretted my decision to become part of the TTT organising team. Apart from TTT I entertain myself with reading thick books, watching thought-provoking movies and travel.


Marina Dolgacheva

Hey! I'm Marina and I can confess that CPD is my religion. I've been with TTT for almost a year as a participant and have just become a member of the TTT team, who is in charge of the General English track and everything related to it.
I'm a practicing school teacher, a methodologist, a teacher trainer, a keen cinema-goer, a glass-half-full person who adores detective stories and cats. Deductive logic can help you figure out my cat's name. It's Sherlock of course.

Contacts: info@teachers-teach-teachers.com

Natalia Ladygina

I'm Natalia Ladygina and I've been with TTT since February 2020. I'm the team member who believes in the virtue of high-stake exams for language teachers - I know it first hand that they can open a lot of doors for you, depending on your circumstances and aspirations. Therefore, currently I'm investing my time, energy and expertise into planning, designing, running and facilitating the TTT Exams Track. I don't teach there, but I do a lot of backstage work: designing and marking placement tests, coming up with monthly guides, inviting expert-speakers, preparing and running mock tests, helping people to learn to set their weekly goals and to track their progress and to learn about nuances of each exam paper.

Outside TTT I'm an English Teacher, a CELTA and CELT-P tutor, a teacher trainer, a conference speaker, a happy woman, a wife and a mom, a loyal friend, an avid reader, a keen traveller, a used-to-be dancer, and a person who is in love with her life.

Contacts: nuvdovenko@mail.ru


Evgeniia Kapustina

Hey everybody, I’m Evgeniia! I'm Anita's personal assistant. I joined the team in August 2021, when I replied to Anita’s Instagram story that she’s looking for a business assistant. At our first meeting, we talked for 2 hours, and since then radio “Anita” has become my favorite thing to listen to. She mostly sends me voice messages, and that’s how we jokingly call our communication :)

My main job is to make Anita’s life easier. I’m in charge of her schedule: I make sure that there’s time for everything she wants to do, that the links to the online events are in place as well as all the necessary information. If you want to organize an Instagram live / an event / a workshop together with Anita, it’s me who you need to contact.

I also help her with the Instagram account: I draft some posts and design pictures. Another part of my responsibility is newsletters. Minus the personal paragraphs, those are mainly written by me. And of course, I do countless other things which are so different, that it’s impossible to list them all.

Apart from working for Anita, I’m also a TTT member since June 21, and *surprise-surprise* a freelance English teacher. I live in St. Petersburg with my two cats and love spending my free time on the couch watching TV shows and snuggling with my cats.

Amalia Nazaretyan

Meet Amalia @amalianaz, the person in charge of promoting our social media. She’s extremely happy about TTT reaching 13K followers :)

“Hi, everyone! My name is Amalia. I’m a digital manager in TTT. Guys, thank you so much, this number is very important for us. And I really believe: everyone of you can find something interesting, helpful and maybe funny in our Instagram account.

Thank you for your support and bye!"

Polina Tolstobrova

I'm Polina @tolstobrova_pa and I'm an admin at TTT.
I started as a participant in June 2021 and became a part of TTT Team shortly after.
I'm in charge of responding to participants’ inquiries, processing orders, resolving issues, writing digests and notifications, organising things on the platform, as well as organising all kinds of data I can reach out to. Apparently, this is my thing!

Apart from TTT, I teach English, play board games, and travel. Actually, I'm an avid traveller, as I love to explore cultures and see every wonder with my own eyes.

Contacts: platform@teachers-teach-teachers.com