Hi! Meet our TTT Team!

TTT is a project for English teachers created by English teachers. The programme is for those who are ready to teach and learn from each other.

Here we will tell you a little about us, so that you know who to contact in case you need something.
We will start with Anita Modestova – the founder.


Anita Modestova

I'm Anita. I'm an English teacher.

I got my CELTA in 2013 I used to be a business trainer before that, as I'm a psychologist by education. I got my CPE in 2014. I'm a freelancer, I teach only adults, love teaching low levels and I'm a big fan of the Lexical approach.

I started TTT because I needed a place to speak English, to have those conversations I teach my students to have, to learn from other teachers and enjoy the whole process together.

I've been teaching Russian lexically to Andrew Walkley, the co-author of Outcomes. I consider it fun. as I'm not a real Russian teacher🙂

I love reading, play football a little, and I got 3 cats: Tisha, Toma, and Tetris.

Elizaveta Kostikova

I’m Elizaveta, most participants know me as Lizzie, which is my favourite nickname.

I’ve been with TTT from the very beginning, the idea of sharing is so appealing to me that I couldn’t help joining when it just started. First I joined TTT as a participant, but soon it was clear that it was not enough, I wanted more involvement and responsibility.

I’m a people person, and it's only natural that I'm responsible for both internal and external communication including but not limited to organising TTT Team's work life and productive collaboration, scheduling meetings and events with TTT friends and partners. Have never regretted my decision to become part of the TTT organising team.

Apart from TTT I entertain myself with reading thick books, watching thought-provoking movies and travelling.

Marina Dolgacheva

Hey! I'm Marina and I can confess that CPD is my religion :)

I've been with TTT since June 2020 as a participant and a member of the TTT team since March 2021, who is in charge of the academic programme and technical side of the project.

Outside TTT I'm a practicing school teacher, a methodologist, a teacher trainer, a keen cinema-goer, a glass-half-full person who adores detective stories and cats. Deductive logic can help you figure out my cat's name. It's Sherlock, of course.


Evgeniia Kapustina

Hey everybody, I’m Evgeniia! I'm Anita's personal assistant. I joined the team in August 2021, when I replied to Anita’s Instagram story that she’s looking for a business assistant. At our first meeting, we talked for 2 hours, and since then radio “Anita” has become my favorite thing to listen to.

My main job is to make Anita’s life easier. I’m in charge of her schedule and make sure that there’s time for everything she wants to do. I also help her with marketing: social medias, newsletters, sales funnels – we’ve got it all :)

Besides working in TTT, I teach English to adults, go dancing and watch TV series.


Natalia Shebeko


Yulia Efremova


Valeriia Evseeva

Hi all! I'm Valeriia, and I work as an admin in TTT. I'm the one who answers your messages on the platform, sends you digests, and organizes the lessons on the platform. In general, my job description is pretty simple: just make sure everything works as it is supposed to be. In reality, there are so many tasks that it's impossible to make them all count.

Unlike other TTT team members, I'm not an English teacher and have never been one. (Even though my colleagues are certain that this will change one day, because you can't be in TTT and not start teaching :)).

If I had to name some facts about myself, I'll say these are: a cat-person, a huge "Harry Potter" fan, a pescetarian, and a Capricorn.