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Setting up a successful online speaking club

Julie Esse

Julie Esse

Julie Esse has been running her own speaking club since 2014. Last autumn she was invited to run an online speaking club for Advanced and Proficiency levels at the Polina Kordik School of English. She is a freelance teacher based in Moscow, Russia, and has taught at a professional development institute in Moscow as well as delivered seminars for Titul Publishers and the Dmitry Nikitin School, where she is currently co-facilitating the CPD Project course.

About this webinar:

In this practical workshop I will share what I’ve learned about running an online speaking club. Every session is a creative process, but it has a very straightforward structure. All you need to run a successful speaking club is a Zoom account and some RGQs. Come to find out what those are!

- how to come up with engaging topics,
- how to create questions that generate discussion,
- how to structure a lively speaking session.

Even if you aren’t planning on starting a speaking club, do join to get access to some of the materials I have created, which you can use in your lessons. I’ll also be sharing some simple way of adapting your offline activities to online work.


June 29, 13:30 (GMT+3)

Having devoted two years
to learning how to teach lexically,
Year 3 participants will now practice observing other teachers' lessons and giving productive feedback.

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