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Windsor School

Several years ago our partners, Windsor School, chose Outcomes as their main course book and all their teachers work within the lexical approach.

One of the things they do at Windsor - they organise speaking clubs for their students based on the Outcomes books!

So we asked them to do that for us too :)

January 19th at 4 p.m. (GMT+3)
for TTT participants only

Windsor English Language School

Windsor English School has been operating since 2003 and, according to many students, is one of the strongest language schools in Moscow with its own individual approach.
The school has earned this recognition due to the combination of native English-speaking teachers, teaching modern English and the up-to-date content of training programs.
One of our key areas of activity is preparation for the IELTS exam (International English Language Testing System).
Every second student achieves an IELTS score above 7.0⬆
Our English Speaking Club, which meets every Friday at our school, has gained particular popularity with our students.
We also have a wide range of group, individual and specialised (e.g. Business English, English for Lawyers) training services

In our school, everyone will find a course to their liking, both offline and online!

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Courses for teachers:
- speaking clubs
- IELTS (dynamic and mock exam)
- Advanced & Proficiency

Speaking clubs

One of the problems with learning English as a foreign language is that it can be difficult to find opportunities to speak English especially with high level, competent speakers. At our weekly speaking clubs this is exactly what you can do. Facilitated by native speakers, our speaking clubs discuss a wide range of topics.


Windsor is one of the best known schools in Moscow for IELTS preparation with a very high percentage of our students achieving or bettering their required results. With several trained IELTS examiners on our teaching team, it is no wonder that students trust us to help them get the result they need to get into their desired university or emigrate and start their new life abroad. We offer a range of courses to assist with IELTS preparation including our IELTS Dynamic programme lasting between 6 and 18 weeks and courses focusing on speaking and writing. We also offer regular IELTS mock exams with full feedback provided.

General English Track

At Windsor we run online and offline general English groups for all levels including advanced (C1) and proficiency (C2). Utilising the lexical approach, our courses help students to speak natural, authentic English fluently and accurately. With native teachers from the UK, USA, New Zealand and South Africa, you can really push your English to even greater heights!

TTT participants can use a code to get a 10% discount on all the courses and speaking clubs run by Windsor School

Our partners and friends

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