Lexical Approach - Classroom reality.

Anita Modestova

Anita Modestova


Anita Modestova is a CELTA qualified teacher, psychologist and business trainer. She specialises in teaching general English to adults, low levels and also delivers seminars on how to build your career as a self-employed teacher. Anita manages her own professional development community for teachers of English - Teachers Teach Teachers.

Session 1.
Emergent language. Classroom reality.

Some teachers are rather reluctant to switch to the Lexical Approach in their teaching. It’s something new, it’s different. It seems easy when you hear about it, but then you don’t really know how to implement it, what to change in your teaching to make it Lexical.
Anita Modestova is going to share her experience of teaching lexically, show how she works with Outcomes and compare it to teaching with other coursebooks.

Session 2.
Revision and Recycling

One of the biggest concerns that teachers have when it comes to teaching lexically is the abundance of chunks that students come across. During this session, we are going to discuss how much vocabulary is 'a lot' and how to get our students to remember it and to use it properly.