TTT Webinar

Hotfixing learners’ listening skills

Olga Sergeeva

Olga Sergeeva


Olga is a CELTA trainer and a DELTA tutor based in St.Petersburg, Russia. Her particular area of interest is teaching listening decoding, and she has a British Council ELTons nomination for creating , a service aimed at developing listening decoding skills


Webinar March, 12, 13.30 (GMT+3)

Hotfixing learners’ listening skills

Why do learners of English often have difficulty understanding authentic speech?
One reason is that the speakers’ pronunciation may be markedly different from what the learners expect to hear.


During this practical workshop you will

- explore the typical pronunciation features that often cause listening difficulties;

- briefly look at insights from the field of psycholinguistics that can inform the design of effective listening activities;

- look at a range of simple practical activities designed to help learners notice and readjust to problematic aspects of pronunciation;

- discuss how to incorporate such activities into any listening lesson.

The material will be the most relevant to the participants who work with adults and teens.