Teachers Teach

A peer-learning programme for English teachers
who are ready to teach and learn from each other

Start in October!
Teachers Teach Teachers is a three-year online peer-learning programme for English teachers
Participants learn English with a course book in groups. Every month a participant of the group becomes the ‘teacher’ for the very same group.

On top of the lessons, we provide a professional development programme, that lasts 3 years and includes webinars, speaking clubs, special interest groups (you can choose two out of five!), and workshops for teachers of the month.

Our next academic year starts in October 2022.

О тортах

Watch the video to learn more about Teachers Teach Teachers programme


The new academic year starts in October.

Book your spot now and get access to speaking clubs and Special Interest Groups

What we offer:

English for high levels: C1 and C2
Become a student, learn English, have fun with it and tell all those stories you can't tell your 'real' students!

You'll have 1 group lesson per week + 3 speaking clubs per month.

We study only with Outcomes Advanced.

Professional Development
Input events and workshops on lexical approach, speaking clubs, special interest groups and workshops for teachers of the month.

At TTT you'll be teaching other teachers and they will gladly provide you with some feedback. When you're not teaching, you'll see what other teachers do in their classrooms.

Community of English teachers
Our colleagues usually share that finding a group of like-minded teachers from all-over the world is one of the best things that ever happened to them.

We have meet-ups, attend conferences together, share ideas and support each other.

Still in doubt?

Make an appointment for a short online meeting with Yulia Efremova, TTT team member.
Yulia will help determine your English level, will tell you more about the project, and respond to any questions you may have.

Here's what our participants say about TTT

  • Изображение
    Olga Belyakova
    This project is a great opportunity to become a part of Russian ELT community, to work on your language and teaching skills, to explore your CPD needs and to continuously grow both professionally and personally. Happy to be a part of this community!
  • Изображение
    Nailia Soldatova
    It's a great community of professionals that helps me improve my language as well as my teaching skills. People are friendly and supportive here. Highly recommend it!
  • Изображение
    Anna Sokolova
    I see how beneficial and supportive the TTT community is. Apart from language classes themselves, there are great methodology webinars, we pick up tiny teaching tips from each other and it's really motivating to be among devoted professionals.
  • Изображение
    Yelena Tsimbalyuk
    What have I gained as a TTT participant? Structured CPD, all in one place, with a great variety and thought. I've found a wonderful community of co-teachers. I've gained much-needed experience in teaching advanced level students online. I've learned a lot of online tools. Consider it a great investment of your time and money! You get a lot of things in one package. And if you are ready to learn and change, you will find ample opportunities for that here.
  • Изображение
    Irina Mosenkova
    Being a teacher doesn't mean knowing everything but knowing how to involve your students and together find the answer. Teachers are just people and they study the same way as others. I've chosen TTT because I need people thinking alike from the same field of my interest to communicate with and develop in the language. Teaching for me means not only teaching others but learning myself. TTT is a great community to find answers to your questions, to learn yourself and gain your professional goals.
  • Изображение
    Diana Ananian
    TTT is the best place for development and practice language skills. I think that here I can get acquainted with my colleagues. I will be teacher - of - the- month for the first time on June. Two weeks ago I was very nervous and excited, but after our workshop I was really very calm and concentrated. I am trying to plan my future lessons. I hope that they'll be interesting for my group.
  • Изображение
    Elena Ignatova
    I have chosen TTT because I was looking for a community of like-minded people as I work mostly on my own. Now I've become more confident about my teaching, improved my English and found a group of teachers who became my friends.
  • Изображение
    Oksana Solyanova
    I learned to stay calm in any situation during the lesson being the TOM (teacher of the month), observed a lot of colleagues conducting their lessons and learned to appreciate it. I'd recommend to join Teachers Teach Teachers. Experience is the most precious thing. Besides, when you feel you're not alone, when you can discuss your ideas and share your worries, it feels great!

    Here's some video-feedback from TTT participants


    Terms and pricing

    You need to pay upfront to book your spot.

    The programme lasts for 3 full years. Each year costs 44 400 rubles (~376EUR). To make the payment more affordable, we're offering you to pay in blocks of 3 months, not for the full year in one go. It means you pay 11100 rubles (~100EUR) every three months. That is 3700 rubles per month (~ 32EUR).

    What you're getting for your money per month:
    - 1 90-minute English lesson per week (4-5 a month),
    - 2 speaking clubs,
    - 1 pre-recorded input session or 1 live workshop with the speaker,
    - 2 special interest groups (Films, Games, Methodology, Linguistics or Bookclub)

    How to pay:
    - Pay in full for 3 months. Fill in the form below, and click apply, pay 11 100 rubles (~100EUR). Get full access to all the materials for 3 months. If your plans change we'll give you a refund for the month you're not going to attend, no questions asked.

    - Break your payment in 2 parts. When you click Apply, you can go for the 'partial payment option' suggested by the bank. This option breaks 11 100 (~100EUR) roubles into 2 separate payments: 6000 rubles (~69EUR), you pay right away, and 5100 (~51EUR), that you'll have to pay in 30 days after the first payment. This will not increase the price for you. You'll see this option on the payment screen, go for it and pay the first part. You'll get immediate access to everything for 30 days. Remember to pay the second half on time, or the access will be restricted. We do not refund partial payments.

    More about TTT

    English Lessons

    We study in groups of 10 teachers.

    Each group meets once a week for a 120-minute lesson.

    Our course book is Outcomes Advanced. All groups follow the same pacing guide, provided by TTT, and cover ONE book in three years.

    Each month one of the participants of the group becomes a teacher for their group. We call the Teachers of the month (TOMs). They get extra training free of charge.

    Professional Development

    Each academic year at TTT has 12 months in it (how unusual!).

    Each month you get either an input session (usually recorded) or a live workshop.

    Your CPD plan for the next three years has:
    Lexical approach, Observations and Feedback, Materials development.

    Among our speakers: Hugh Dellar, Andrew Walkley, Anita Modestova, Daria Maslovskaya.


    We believe that teachers are amazing and should stick together. At TTT you will meet teachers from different countries, with different backgrounds, who are teaching in different contexts.

    Our participants come from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy, Spain, Georgia, Poland and Turkey. Who knows which country will be the next to join!

    Some TTT features that might help you meet other teachers:
    - speaking clubs for all the groups,
    - TTT cafe,
    - TTT random coffee bot,
    - MyTTT app,
    - Special Interest Groups,
    - Occasional offline events.