TTT Community

TTT is a supportive community, and we will help you with everything you need help with!

You will meet teachers who are passionate about teaching and crazy enough to teach their peers.
We all want to develop professionally, enrich our English and become better teachers, and we’re ready to work hard to achieve it.

TTT Community includes:


TTT Random Coffee Bot

What is a Random Coffee Bot?

It's a service for casual meetings with strangers. The basic idea is to get people from different communities and groups to randomly meet for coffee, just to talk about anything. It helps to get out of your bubble, when sometimes it's difficult to remember that outside the narrow circle of colleagues and friends, there really is a whole world full of different people.

Teachers Teach Teachers has its own coffee bot, where you can meet with the TTT community members and turn from strangers to actual friends!

Speaking clubs

Every first Monday and every fourth Wednesday of the month we are meeting all together to talk and have fun.

The topics raised will offer you an opportunity to brush up your active and passive vocabulary, to activate your background knowledge and to discuss the current state of affairs in the world and where you are based. The format of chatting in breakout room with changing partners is designed to reflect a real-life networking event - getting to know new people, following your own pace, free conversation flow and endless opportunities to observe your colleagues and to notice and appropriate best practices.

60-90 minutes in a good company fly fast :)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

At the moment we have five SIGs (Special Interest Groups) in TTT. They are free for TTT members and you can join them any time. The SIGs are to help you make your professional development even more focused and versatile.

The Reading club is for avid readers who know how to make the most of reading deadlines and appreciate a chance to timely discuss their thoughts and impressions with colleagues.

The Methodology club aims at helping everyone interested to finally read all those methodology books you keep collecting on your shelf and to try out some
of the described activities and principles in practice.

The Linguistic club members are into learning how the language itself works and evolves over time.

The Film club is for people who truly enjoy watching films, talking about films, as well as for those who haven’t discovered this movie passion within them yet.

The Games club is for those who believe that people really relax and open up when they play. Each month they take a game and play it - then they discuss its classroom application.