TTT Community

TTT is a supportive community, and we will help you with everything you need help with!

You will meet teachers who are passionate about teaching and crazy enough to teach their peers.
We all want to develop professionally, enrich our English and become better teachers, and we’re ready to work hard to achieve it.

You have never taught adults?

It’s not a problem! For many of our participants, teaching in TTT has become their first time teaching adults, and none of them had complaints about the experience. We offer training and guidance for teachers of the month and are ready to answer all your questions.

You are not sure about your English?

We have groups of different levels. If you feel you haven’t reached C1 or C2 yet, join one of our upper-intermediate groups.
You have never worked online?

We’ll teach you! We have created a special Teacher Training Module for teachers of the month where we address all tech issues. You may also find some video tutorials on how to use zoom on our platform.

You are afraid of teaching other teachers?

Don’t be! We are all here to learn. We know how difficult being in the spotlight can be, and how it sometimes doesn’t go as planned. Nobody is going to judge you, and where else could you get such valuable advice and feedback if not in a group of teachers?