TTT Lessons:

We are a peer-learning programme for English teachers who are ready to teach and learn from each other. The idea is very simple:

TTT participants work in groups following Outcomes course books. At TTT you'll be teaching other teachers and they will gladly provide you with some feedback. It also gives you a chance to have a look at what other teachers do in their classrooms. You'll experience different teaching styles as a student and will see how they can affect engagement levels, learning outcomes, motivation to move forward.

There is a 90-minute lesson every week.

Every month a participant from the group becomes this group's teacher (teacher of the month), picking up from where the colleague stopped.

We use hard copies of Students' book Outcomes Advanced 2nd Edition or Outcomes Upper-Intermediate 2nd Edition and it's obligatory. Workbook is optional.

All groups work in Zoom; we provide everything that is needed, including a crash course for newbies.

The maximum number of participants in a group is 10 for the General Track.

The programme is designed for 3 years.

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Methodological discussions

We find it crucial to learn how to give and take productive feedback. That is why we strongly recommend our participants to devote 15 minutes to the methodological discussion of what they have just experienced during the lesson.


We use Zoom platform to host classes, webinars, workshops and other TTT events.

Make sure you have one on your computer or phone.



You can use Chatium app to get access to the TTT materials on GetCourse platform via your phone